Oh, and this man. I asked Tony to stay the night with me last night after he got off work. He usually does anyways, but this time I just wanted to really lay with him. He surprised me with roses. He knows I’m not a fan of red roses, or roses in general. But I accepted this little bouquet with complete gratitude. I don’t know what’s changed in him. But after this last breakup it’s like something clicked. I am happy. He is also. And we haven’t argued since god knows when. Yes, we still get mad here and there but we’ve learned to speak. My, what a powerful shift that has been.

I hadn’t dreamt about Ashley in a while. I really miss her. But last night she popped up. I was changing clothes in my dream and as I turned the corner of my new room she popped up smiling! I hugged her and began to cry. I could feel myself shaking.
It’s funny though, how she never changes, she still remains as beautiful as ever. Even in my dreams. I don’t think it’ll ever feel real, but I’m willing to live with her spirit surrounding me.

“Born by the full moon
With a stubborn heart
And eyes like horns
That could tear you apart.”

You Are A Meteor Shower I Can’t Sweat Out. (via ravenous-ghosts)
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